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Letters / Electorate of Shetland, wake up!
Letters / Clinging on to Westminster at our peril
Letters / Living beyond our means
Viewpoint / Autonomy debate returns to ShetlandAhead of Wednesday’s council meeting, modern political history PhD student Mathew Nicolson argues that the latest bid for self-determination reflects grievances with centralisation and the continued erosion of local government powers rather than the desire for full autonomy.
Politics / MP backs councillors’ bid for ‘self-determination’
Council / Councillors seek to explore options for achieving ‘financial and political self-determination’Nine elected members say the ‘prosperity, and even basic sustainability’ of Shetland is being threatened from centralisation and reduced public funding
Living Lerwick - Spend at da Street - Win with Local Loyalty
Politics / Councillors give their views on more autonomy for Shetland
Election letters 2019 / Not the right time for a protest vote
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