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Energy / Yell wind farm developer given two-year planning extension

An illustrative view of the planned Beaw Field wind farm from Burravoe, Yell. Image: Peel

THE DEVELOPER behind a planned wind farm in Yell has been given a two-year extension to the time it has to commence development.

The application was submitted because the original consent to commence building the 17-turbine Beaw Field wind farm within a five year period was in danger of expiring in November.

Timescales around grid connection and also a government subsidy scheme were the reasons behind the extension request.

The Scottish Government has now approved the application and has extended the implementation date to November 2024.

It said ministers are satisfied that an extension is in “accordance the Scottish Government energy strategy and national policy and affords every opportunity for the project to provide a valuable contribution to the Scottish Government’s net zero targets”.

Peel Energy was given consent for the wind farm in the south of Yell in 2017.

The developer has submitted a fresh application to the UK Government subsidy Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme for the wind farm.

The outcome of the latest CfD auction is expected later this year. The CfD scheme looks to incentivise investment in renewable energy and reduce the cost of capital while minimising the cost to customers. 

The company noted in its request that the Shetland transmission link, which will allow renewable energy projects to export power to the Scottish mainland, is not due to be energised until 2024.

It also said the CfD process could take time should there be any reviews or appeals.

Peel Energy, which is also behind the planned Mossy Hill wind farm on the outskirts of Lerwick, lost out in the last CfD round in 2019 – as did Viking Energy.

The Scottish Government’s energy consents unit dealt with the Beaw Field case as the total generating capacity would be above 50MW.