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Election / ‘Come speak to me rather than damage my election signs’, says Green candidate

CANDIDATES in the southend of Shetland have condemned an act of vandalism which saw election signs put up by Green candidate Alex Armitage smashed. 

Armitage, who is one of five candidates in the running for the ward’s four seats, said he had reported the vandalism to police.

It’s the second time that his election signs have been damaged in Sandwick.

Armitage said all his signs have been hand painted and put up within the council’s rules.

He added: “I put myself out there in the democratic process. People can come and disagree with me, but please come and speak to me rather than take part in an act of mindless vandalism.”

The four other candidates were united in their condemnation of the act of vandalism when contacted by Shetland News.

Independent candidate Allison Flea Duncan said such behaviour was “not acceptable anywhere in democratic elections.”

He added: “I strongly resent the vandalism of the Scottish Green Party election signs in the South Mainland.

“I sincerely hope that a complaint has been made to the police and is thoroughly investigated.”

Independent candidate Stewart Douglas said: “I deplore this action and hope the perpetrators are found and dealt with by the courts.”

SNP hopeful Robbie McGregor added: “I condemn unreservedly the attacks on the Green candidate’s election signs. I respectfully suggest that Alex should make a formal complaint to the police.

And independent candidate Bryan Peterson said: “I’m vexed for Alex. He’s put a lot of effort into a very positive campaign, and I wish him and all the other Shetland South candidates the best for the election.”

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