Community / Town Hall flag marks Norwegian Constitution Day

Photo: SIC

THE NORWEGIAN flag is flying over Lerwick Town Hall today (Monday) to mark Constitution Day in Norway.

The day is a national holiday throughout Norway, with parades and celebrations to commemorate the date of the signing of the national constitution in 1814.

Shetland has had cultural and historic connections with Norway since the 15th century, when the Northern Isles were part of the Norwegian kingdom, which also included Denmark and Sweden.


In the Second World War, locations in Shetland including Scalloway and Lunna House were used as bases for covert operations against Germany, which occupied Norway from April 1941.

Lerwick also has a twinning agreement with the town of Måløy, on the island of Vågsøy, which is an important fishing port on the west coast of Norway.

Shetland Islands Council convener Malcolm Bell said: “Shetland and Norway share many historical links that are evident throughout our islands and which have shaped our identity as a community.

“We still feel a close affinity with Norway and on behalf of the people of Shetland I’d like to wish our friends and neighbours across the North Sea a happy Constitution Day.”