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Community / Westside woodland back open a year after closing due to coronavirus

Michaelswood in Aith is a popular local attraction.

A POPULAR woodland in the Westside reopened today (Friday) around a year after closing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The return of Michaelswood was welcome news for locals – including parents and children – with folk heading there in the morning despite the rain after it was announced on Facebook.

Owner Ray Ferrie said the progress of the Covid vaccination programme partly encouraged the reopening.

“It’s been such a miss for everyone and we kept having people asking when it was opening,” he said.

A number of indoor attractions will not be open at the Aith woodland, however, such as the Polycrub, the bird hide, the “peerie play hoosie” and the Library in the Sky.

People are encouraged to use the hand sanitiser fixed to the Polycrub at the entrance, and to wear a face mask when meeting others in the wood.

Michaelswood was developed in memory of Michael Ferrie, a young musician from Aith who died in 1996 from cancer aged just 21.