Court / Police sergeant gives evidence to murder trial

A MAN arrested on suspicion of murder told police that he did not know what had happened the previous night, a court heard today.

A Lerwick police sergeant told a jury on Wednesday how she arrested Ross MacDougall on suspicion of murder hours after Tracy Walker lost her life in Lerwick on 30 July 2019.


The High Court in Edinburgh heard how the sergeant and her colleagues went to a home in Nederdale, Lerwick and Ross MacDougall, 32, answered the door to them.

The officer said she had earlier attended at Ladies Drive, in Lerwick, and had been involved in door to door enquiries.

The sergeant said that she was requested to attend at the Nederdale address by a senior officer and cautioned MacDougall before arresting him on suspicion of murder. She added: “I arrested him at the front door. He didn’t say anything immediately”.

She told the court MacDougall was taken to a police vehicle. He said: “I don’t know what happened last night but I have been told by neighbours. I am glad police are here now.”

The 29 year old sergeant, who has 11 years police service, was giving evidence on the tenth day of proceedings against MacDougall and Dawn Smith, 29.

The two accused deny murdering Ms Walker and other charges.

The trial before judge Lord Uist continues.

Copy by James Mulholland of Edinburgh Courts Press Services