Health / Falls prevention tips as winter approaches

NHS Shetland has issued advice to people on preventing falls this winter.

The health board said Covid-19 has added to the risk of falls in wintry weather as older people may have been less active and lost strength and resilience through long hours at home.

NHS Shetland’s falls prevention coordinator Shelley Anderson said falls are not an inevitable part of aging and, by following a few simple tips, they can be avoided.

“Our advice is aimed at over 65s but anyone who feels that their balance has grown worse or, is a bit unsteady on their feet and has lost their confidence with getting around (especially during the pandemic), can benefit,” she said.


These falls prevention tips are to:

  • Have an eye and hearing check
  • Take care of your feet
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet
  • Do a home safety check
  • Stay active
  • Do strength and balance exercises
  • Have a falls plan
  • Review medication with a nurse, GP or pharmacist
  • Tell a health professional if you have fallen, even if you feel fine.

“The tips can give a person more confidence, independence, increase their mobility and enable them to feel healthier and better about themselves,” Anderson said.

NHS Shetland has an ‘Up and About’ booklet which features with advice on how to avoid a fall.

This includes a balance challenge and strength and balance exercises, both of which can also be downloaded.

If you are concerned about falling speak to a health professional or, for more advice, contact info@healthyshetland.com or call 01595 807494.