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Environment / New loch inspections find no evidence of sediment pollution

NO EVIDENCE of sediment pollution resulting from Viking Energy construction work was found in the loch at Sand Water when inspections were carried out on Friday (2 October).

The inspections were carried out in response to concerns from members of the public that silt may have entered the loch, a site of special scientific interest (SSSI), again.

Silt run-offs entered Sand Water a fortnight ago during heavy rain. Photo: Rosalyn Thompson

Silt run-offs from the construction of the new Sandwater road entered the nearby loch a fortnight ago following a bout of heavy rain, with Viking Energy vowing to implement better water management measures.

A spokesperson for Shetland Islands Council said on Monday: “A representative from planning, along with the site’s ecological clerk of works and a representative from SEPA, carried out several inspections on Friday, and found no evidence of sediment pollution at that time.

“All parties, including representatives from the developer and contractor, continue to closely monitoring the situation.”

A spokesperson for Viking Energy said in a statement: “Robust drainage and settlement arrangements have been successfully implemented at the works to construct a new public road at Sandwater.

“These were rapidly deployed following a short, temporary failure of silt mitigation measures in the area, a fortnight ago, during very heavy rain and will continue to be reviewed and adapted as the works progress.”