Letters / Paying double for travelling

I am a frequent traveller on the NorthLink Ferry. I understand that Transport Scotland are giving NorthLink a subsidy. I am wondering how many people in Shetland are aware that we are being forced to pay for the exclusive use of a cabin.

Recall that passengers are not allowed to share due to the pandemic. I consider that we are being penalised and treated unethically and extremely unfairly.


I have queried this with NorthLink.  Their reply was that they are unable to do anything about this due to the Scottish Government guidelines.

Further, apparently, we can sleep in one of the very uncomfortable pods. I consider it more comfortable to sleep on the floor. In addition, although the pod area is big, it is also in an enclosed space. Other people will be in that space. The risk of spreading the virus is greater than being alone in a cabin.

No passenger should have to pay for the whole cabin. We have no choice. I have written to our MP. I am also contacting Transport Scotland.

People living in Shetland pay a high price to travel off the Island.  How long are they expected to pay double for travelling? This situation needs to change.

Heather Butler