Community / Delting Up Helly Aa postponed for second time

The 2021 Northmavine Up Helly Aa is also postponed for a year

A picture from the 2019 Delting Up Helly Aa. Photo: Garry Sandison

THE DELTING Up Helly Aa festival scheduled for October has been postponed again until March 2021.

The committee said the date of 19 March will be reviewed later this year.

The 2021 Northmavine Up Helly Aa, meanwhile, has also been postponed until 2022.

The Delting committee said on Tuesday morning: “With the current restrictions in place and the public’s health our main concern, we feel October would not be achievable at this time.


“We will continue to monitor the situation and liaise with the health board, venues and general public. Any updates will be made publicly as we go forward.”

Delting Up Helly Aa was one of two 2020 fire festivals which were postponed earlier this year as coronavirus outbreak reached Shetland, with the other being South Mainland Up Helly Aa.

Delting initially moved its festival back to 30 October.

Most other fire festivals scheduled for 2021, however, have already been postponed.

It was also confirmed on Tuesday that the 2021 Northmavine Up Helly Aa would be moved back to 2022. Robin Sinclair will be the jarl.

The north committee will also raise the issue of the use of blackface in squads at its next meeting.

Scalloway, Lerwick, Bressay, Nesting/Girlsta, Norwick, Uyeasound and Cullivoe have all also postponed their events to 2022.