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Coronavirus / Loganair ‘doing everything it can’ to be ready for when restrictions ease

Chief executive Jonathan Hinkles says the airline is updating schedules and plans following recent government announcements

LOGANAIR is planning to put on sale an amended schedule this week for June as it continues to work on offering the “most comprehensive flying programme as soon as it is needed”.

Loganair managing director Jonathan Hinkles.Loganair managing director Jonathan Hinkles.

The company is presently operating an essential skeleton service with flights running to and from Aberdeen and Kirkwall only.

Tickets are available for flights from Sumburgh to usual destinations like Edinburgh and Glasgow from June onwards, but this has always been the case.

In an update to customers, released on Monday, Loganair said operating at all during the pandemic had been a “logistical nightmare”.

The restrictions imposed on movement and travel have had a significant impact on the aviation sector.

Loganair said there is “still no firm end date in sight for when travel will be fully unrestricted”, with “differing government advice” adding to the complexity of the situation.

“However, we are continually working to offer the most comprehensive flying programme as soon as it is needed and plan to put on sale our amended schedule for June this week,” the airline wrote.

“Unlike some other airlines in the UK, as a regional carrier, we know we play a more significant role in bringing friends and family back together and facilitating business as restrictions ease. Therefore, we are doing everything we can to ensure once you’re ready, we’re ready.”

Chief executive Jonathan Hinkles said the airline is updating schedules and plans following recent government announcements which have pointed towards lockdown restrictions gradually being eased.

Loganair is also due to announce new safety measures for travel post-lockdown, with facemasks one measure set to come into force.

The airline is also pleading with customers to “adjust expectations where possible and consider the situation we all find ourselves in”.

“It is an incredibly stressful time for customer services teams around the country, many of whom are continuing to go to work to help others,” it said.

“We pride ourselves on the high standards our team delivers but under the current circumstances, we simply cannot help everyone as quickly as usual.”

It has asked people to be respectful to staff, where possible move bookings or hold it for future travel and not to use social media to request refunds or make complaints.

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