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Coronavirus / More than 400 items donated to ‘utterly incredible’ scrubs campaign

OVER 440 items of clothing have now been donated to a campaign which has seen people sew together scrubs for NHS Shetland’s clinical staff during the Covid-19 emergency.

NHS Shetland chief executive Michael Dickson with a colourful Winnie the Pooh-themed top during his Facebook live video session on Wednesday.

NHS Shetland chief executive Michael Dickson hailed the effort as “marvellous”.

It had emerged there was a “chronic shortage” of scrubs at NHS Shetland and the Gilbert Bain Hospital because staff have been changing their gowns more often during the coronavirus response due to infection control.

The Shetland Scrubs campaign launched in late March and patterns were provided for tops and trousers, with a host of people showing interest in making scrubs or donating fabric.

The campaign’s Facebook page confirmed on Wednesday that a total of 442 items had now been sewn together and donated to the NHS.

People are encouraged to make scrubs from material of any pattern – not just plain colours.

Speaking while holding up a Winnie the Pooh themed top and trousers in a Facebook video on Wednesday night, Dickson said the campaign had gone international.

“The feedback from the staff is just amazing,” he said.

“Thank you for everyone who is doing this, because it is so meaningful. It’s utterly incredible.”

A plea has been made for more smaller sizes, while people are advised to check the neckline of tops as some of them are “quite low and revealing”.

People are advised to sew a piece of material across the bottom of the V if this is the case.