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Entertainment / Alice’s ways to make a colourful time

A FAIR ISLE artist has been making drawings for colouring in that she shares on Facebook and can be printed for use.

The Facebook page – Alice’s Colouring Pages – can be visited by bairns of all ages looking for ways to occupy themselves during the pandemic lockdown.

Alice Sinclair Best hit on the idea when brainstorming for ways to keep bairns entertained without risking spreading the coronavirus.

One of Alice’s colouring in drawings.

Alice said: “Its wis my peerie cousins birthday the idder day and I wis racking my brain trying to think what I could do for him!

“So I drew some colouring pages for him of a cartoon dug doing lots of things like flying a plane. I scanned and emailed the photos to his mum so she could print them off for him. And he really enjoyed them, so did his grandad!

“So I thought about aa da bairns out of school right now because of Covid-19 and the parents at home trying to keep things interesting, and thought I could make many, many more colouring pages for all different ages and colouring levels and share them with anyone who wants them. I started a Facebook page – Alice’s Colouring Pages – and will be posting pictures a few times a week.

“People can download them, print it off and get colouring! This will all be free and it’s my way of helping the community during this time.”

As well as Alice’s Facebook page, people can see more of her work on instagram @alicesbest.