Education / Top marks for physics teacher

Nancy Hunter. Photo: Gordon Stove

A TEACHER at the Anderson High School is set to be honoured with a Teaching of Physics Award from the Institute of Physics.

Physics teacher Nancy Hunter will receive a prize of £1,000, a paperweight award and a certificate which will be presented at the Institute of Physics’ (IOP) annual awards dinner in London on 19 November.


Nancy started teaching at the Anderson in Lerwick in 2003, having previously taught at Scalloway Junior High School before going onto supply work.

She also produces resources for Scottish national and higher physics courses that are said to be used daily by teachers within the Anderson, other Shetland schools and across Scotland too.

Anderson High School head teacher Valerie Nicolson said: “I’m proud to see Nancy recognised with this IOP award.

“She is an inspirational teacher in our school and has made a significant contribution to the teaching of physics locally and nationally. She’s highly regarded by staff, pupils and parents alike, and is renowned for putting students at the heart of her teaching.”

Chris Shepherd, teacher support manager at the IOP, said: “Physics and physicists have a vital role to play in solving some of the 21st century’s biggest challenges, such as climate change, supporting an ageing population and ensuring consistent food and energy supplies.

“Understanding and enjoying science can lead to a rewarding career, improved analytical thinking skills, a life-long interest, or all of these – and an inspiring teacher can be crucial to encouraging this.”