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News round-up / Coastguard helicopter called out, Carmichael slams government, tourist tax consultation, Knab proposal shortlisted

EMERGENCY services in Shetland were tasked on Tuesday morning to take a seriously ill patient from Burravoe, in Yell, to hospital on the Scottish mainland.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service assisted in preparing a site for the coastguard helicopter to land to take the patient on board.

The helicopter then took the patient to Sumburgh Airport for transferal to a waiting air ambulance plane.

ISLES MP Alistair Carmichael has criticised attempts by the UK Government to avoid releasing the full “Yellowhammer” documents about the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit.

On Monday, MPs voted to force the publication of the documents, which are believed to predict that a no-deal Brexit could cause food shortages and limit the availability of life-saving medicines.

“Boris Johnson’s refusal to share these essential documents in full with Parliament and the public has been a disgrace,” he said.

“The government has launched a massive advertising campaign to tell us to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, but they wouldn’t tell anyone what to prepare for. It’s as if the Met Office were sending out weather warnings, but wouldn’t say if we should get ready for a heatwave or a blizzard.”

THE SCOTTISH Government is keen to hear the public’s views on proposals to allow local authorities to introduce a tourist tax in support of local services.

Public finance minister Kate Forbes said: “The Scottish Government is committed to devolving more power to local authorities as well as taking steps to safeguard the future of Scotland’s vibrant tourism industry.

“This will not be a national tax and it will be for individual local authorities to decide whether or not to apply an overnight fee if they consider it appropriate for the local community.

“Money raised by those local authorities that introduce a levy will be retained by them to invest in local tourism activity, helping to safeguard the sustainability of the industry.”

The consultation is open until 2 December 2019 and can be found here.

EDINBURGH based architects 7N has been shortlisted in the 2019 AJ Architecture Awards for its work on ‘masterplanning’ the redevelopment of the former Anderson High School site at the Knab in Lerwick.

The architect bureau was commissioned by Shetland Islands Council to involve the local community as it developed a site proposal for affordable home to be built.

The company said it was “very proud to be part of the team on this project, and this nomination is wonderful recognition for all involved”.

The winners of this year’s AJ awards will be announced on 20 November.