Election letters 2019 / Where do candidates stand on Viking and other onshore wind farm developments?

The forthcoming parliamentary election will set the tone for Shetland’s representation at Holyrood.

Given the cavalier approach to environmental impact demonstrated by one major developer in recent weeks, I am concerned that the (apparently) government sanctioned (local and national) onshore turbine construction will do irreparable damage to our fragile ecology.


This would be at odds with the Scottish Government’s own priorities as regards wild peatland and associated carbon retention.

Tom Wills was at great pains in his recent interview with BBC Radio Shetland to assert his laudable ambitions for offshore wind and tidal power generation but mentioned nothing about the huge industrial onshore wind development works envisaged for these islands.

I therefore invite the prospective MSP’s to offer some clarity about their intentions, were they to be elected, addressing among other things the following impacts:

  • Human and animal health
  • Environment
  • Tourism
  • Disturbance
  • Fuel poverty
  • Property values

All these issues are of great concern to local people and will greatly influence voting intentions.

Dave Hammond