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Election letters 2019 / Lib Dems complicit in pension age changes

The latest Lib Dem campaign material to fall through our letterboxes paints Alastair Carmichael, and his party colleagues, as a positive force for local WASPI campaigners. 

However, the mock-newspaper fails to inform readers that the Lib Dems were fully complicit in pushing through legislation that has damaged the lives of millions of women across the UK. 

At the first sniff of a pay rise Lib Dem MPs dropped their principals and jumped into bed with the Tories. 

And as Chief Whip for the coalition government at the time, Mr Carmichael ensured that each and every one of his Lib Dem colleagues voted to amend the state pension age of women born in the 1950s, speeding up the rate of change, which caused so much hardship. 

Here in Shetland, and across the country, the SNP has campaigned tirelessly for justice – with prominent politicians like Ian Blackford and Mhairi Black leading the fight for WASPI women at Westminster. 

Despite the Lib Dems best attempts, voters in Shetland won’t forget about their grubby record in government that easily. 

Angela Sutherland
Shetland SNP Branch Secretary

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021