Energy / Second turbine planned for outskirts of Lerwick

The new turbine will be located next to the existing one, pictured here. Photo © Google 2019

THE NORTH exit of Lerwick could have another large wind turbine among its landscape as a local company looks to go even greener.

Planning permission has been granted for a 900kW turbine at North Hoo Fields to provide additional power to a nearby biomass facility at Gremista Industrial Estate which turns wood into energy.


North Fish (Shetland) Ltd already has a 67m tip height turbine in the area, to the left of the three-lane road when driving north out of Lerwick, for the same purpose.

The new turbine will be on a taller tower, reaching an overall tip height of 77m, to achieve consistency with the first one, as it will be built on lower ground.

North Fish director Angus Grains said the new turbine would support future growth in the business, which supplies heat and electricity from renewable sources to commercial customers.

It supplies wood pellets for biomass boilers in Shetland, while the company also provides energy to the Lerwick District Heating System.

“We have received planning permission for a second wind generator which is a positive development, as it provides us with additional on site generation to increase our capability of low carbon energy provision,” he said.

“The additional output will be used to expand our low carbon energy business, which in turn will increase our customers’ ability to reduce their own carbon footprint, at a lower cost than is available anywhere else.”

In approving the proposal, Shetland Islands Council’s planning service said there will be “no unacceptable detrimental impacts upon neighbouring land uses, or the natural and built environment”.