News round-up / Work on damaged sea wall, fraud warning and wing mirror vandalism

Council workers have begun placing rock armour on the outside of the damaged sea wall. Photo: SIC

WORK is under way to temporarily repair the storm damaged sea wall at Leog in Lerwick.

A section of South Commercial Street was closed on Sunday after the southeasterly gales washed a hole in the sea wall at the weekend.

With the next gales forecast for Tuesday, council workers have begun placing rock armour on the outside of the wall to help prevent further damage from waves.


This section of the road remains closed but the one way traffic order on South Commercial Street between Stouts Court and the Church Road entrance has been rescinded to allow access to property.

POLICE are warning people to be careful with their personal data as online fraud is on the rise everywhere, and people living on the islands appear to have become easy prey.

Statistics from Police Scotland show that between April and the end of September detectives in Shetland had to deal with nine cases (up from just one the year before), while there were also eight cases in Orkney and eight in the Western Isles.


Detective inspector Gordon Burns of Police Scotland’s economic crime and financial investigation unit said the economic climate was ripe for fraud.

Burns said it has become much easier to commit fraud by using the internet, while fraudsters have also become more sophisticated, damaging the UK economy to the tune of £193 billion last year.

He said people have to be careful what information they put on social media about their private lives.

POLICE are looking for witnesses after receiving a report of damage to a wing mirror of a red Ford Fiesta that was parked on Burgh Road in Lerwick.

The damage occurred between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday. Police can be contacted by telephoning 101.