Loganair high flyers at European airline awards

LOGANAIR has been named airline of the year by the European Regions Airline Association.

Managing director of Loganair Jonathan Hinkles and cabin crew member Sharon Williams showing off their gold award.
Managing director of Loganair Jonathan Hinkles and cabin crew member Sharon Williams showing off their gold award.

The airline, which run routes connecting Shetland and the Scottish mainland as well as serving the Highlands and Islands and beyond, was praised for the way it handled competition from Flybe last year.

It was also called an “exceptional regional airline which has rebuilt its commercial infrastructure after the end of its franchise” with Flybe before the two companies went head-to-head.


Flybe ultimately withdrew from the routes in the north of Scotland in January after just a few months in service in partnership with Eastern Airways.

The European Regions Airline Association judging panel comprised of senior industry experts including past CEOs of European airlines, independent aviation journalists and industry academics from a number of European countries.

Association director General Montserrat Barriga said: “Loganair serves its community in remote areas of Scotland in tough and challenging conditions.

“Despite this, in the past year, the airline has successfully rebranded and begun operating in its own right as a truly independent regional airline. Loganair absolutely deserves this award – huge congratulations.”


Loganair managing director Jonathan Hinkles said that receiving an award of “this calibre is a tremendous privilege”.

“Everyone in the team has worked incredibly hard to build a regional airline providing sustainable and reliable services for the communities to which we fly,” he continued.

“The foundations that we’ve laid over the last year will serve Loganair well for decades to come, and we’re very much looking forward to playing a leading role in the future of the UK’s regional air services.”

European Regions Airline Association has 50 member airlines and 150 associate and affiliate members who cover the aviation sector, from airlines and airports to manufacturers and suppliers.