More prison time after failing to be of good behaviour

A MAN from Lerwick has been given another five months behind bars after he failed to be of good behaviour.

Sentencing was deferred at Lerwick Sheriff Court in December on charges including assault and struggling violently with police officer to allow Trevor Couper, of the town’s Hoofield area, to demonstrate good behaviour.


The 25-year-old appeared from custody at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday for sentencing because he was already serving a prison term.

He was in jail for an offence carried out in April, leading Sheriff Ian Cruickshank to rule that Couper had not been of good behaviour since December.

Couper previously admitted assaulting a man at an address at Lerwick’s Sandveien on 7 February last year and presenting a fork at him, seizing hold of him and struggling with him before punching the man and repeatedly attempting to stab him on the body with the fork.

He also previously pleaded guilty to shouting, swearing, throwing a glass and making threats at the Lounge Bar in Lerwick on 30 June last year and struggling violently with two police constables at the town’s Market Cross on the same day.

Defence agent Tommy Allan encouraged the sheriff to think of alternatives other than custody for his client, but Sheriff Cruickshank said it was “time just to draw a line under these matters”.

He gave Couper a total of five months in prison, although he admonished him on the offence which took place at the Lounge Bar.