Review: laughs-a-plenty at holiday-themed improv night

The Imposters' full line-up, from left to right: Ashlea Tulloch, Jill Charleson, Les Sinclair, Alex Garrick-Wright, Matthew Simpson, Thomas Jones, Marjolein Robertson. Photo: Liam Henderson

THERE was a tangible Friday feeling at the Lerwick Legion last night (13 July) as local comedy group the Imposters held their latest improv night, writes Chris Cope.

The show was dubbed Wish You Were Here, with the night’s five comics – host Marjolein Robertson, Ashlea Tulloch, Alex Garrick-Wright, Thomas Jones and Jill Charleson – running with the theme of summer holidays.


The first half of the night saw the Imposters indulge in their usual Whose Line Is It Anyway style skits, set-pieces and games sparked from audience suggestions.

The collective’s notable knack for spinning quick-fire jokes out of thin air continues to impress, with all five bringing the laughs with their on-the-spot mental gymnastics.

Jones and Garrick-Wright sitting down as two humdrum men looking at holiday slides – which were acted out freeze-frame by the other three – was perhaps the night’s highlight as the pair traded deadpan quips that were sometimes reminiscent of Alan Partridge in their delivery.


The second half of the show saw the five comics let loose on a long-form story where the Imposters were given an initial suggestion before running wild.

It ended up an entertaining and often peculiar tale, not too dissimilar to a warped theatre show, which featured a trip to Bulgaria, an appearance from God, an OAP smuggling heroin, a love triangle and…a door to door Arbonne saleswoman.

Anyone who may have stumbled through the door after a few pints would likely have been never more confused in their life, but for the many in the audience who were strapped in for the ride, the outlandish japes were a perfect start to their Friday night.