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Police intercept £7,500 worth of drugs in post

DRUGS worth around £7,500 which arrived in Shetland through the postal system have been intercepted by police in recent months.

Police said a total of 13 packages had been seized recently, which led to property searches where more heroin, cannabis and cocaine was uncovered.

Several people have been charged with drug offences.

Dogs Against Drugs' dogs (left to right): Blade, Axel, Thor and Odin.

Packages have been intercepted as recently as Thursday, with properties in Lerwick and Scalloway being searched as a result.

Officers were assisted by Dogs Against Drugs, which monitors suspicious packages.

Area commander chief inspector Lindsay Tulloch said: “We are very aware that the postal system is one means that people will attempt to use to bring drugs into our islands and we are committed to intercepting any suspicious packages before they reach their intended targets.

“The value of Dogs Against Drugs in this work cannot be overstated – they play a vital role in keeping the communities of Shetland safe.

“Drugs have no place on Shetland and will not be tolerated – not by us as a police force, not by our partners and certainly not by the community.

“I hope these recoveries send a strong message to anyone attempting to bring drugs into Shetland that we are watching. With the support of Dogs Against Drugs we will intercept your package and you will face prosecution.”

Dogs Against Drugs, meanwhile, now has four fully trained dogs.

Anyone with information about drugs in Shetland can contact Police Scotland on telephone 101, or be calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.