Sandy Loch peatland restoration completed

From left to right: Alan Blance (Treatment Team Leader – Shetland), Kenneth Johnston (Senior Treatment Operator - Shetland), David Anderson (Catchment Liaison Officer - SLM Team), Sue White (Shetland Amenity Trust), Sean MacKenzie (S. MacKenzie Plant Ltd), Paul Goddard (Shetland Amenity Trust).

A PROJECT led by Scottish Water to restore peatland near the Sandy Loch reservoir in Lerwick has been completed.

The utility said it hoped the peat would be protected from future deterioration, while it should also enhance the quality of water for customers in Lerwick and nearby.

Scottish Water worked in tandem with Shetland Amenity Trust and local contractor Sean Mackenzie on the site after a survey identified a large area of exposed peat.


The restoration, which added bog pools and native plants to the land, was completed in a few weeks.

Scottish Water’s sustainable land management team member Dr Zoë Frogbrook said there would be a number of benefits from the restoration.

“The water from the Sandy Loch supplies drinking water for Lerwick and a significant part of Shetland,” she said.

“Restoring peat in this area helps us protect long term water quality as well as providing environmental benefits.

“The work to restore the peat at Sandy Loch was a first of its kind for our team and demonstrates a successful partnership between Scottish Water and local stakeholders, including the Shetland Amenity Trust.”

The Amenity Trust’s peatland restoration officer Sue White said restoring peatlands brought many benefits to ecosystems including the provision of clean drinking water.