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Disco’s ‘disgust’ at Burra Nazi flag

A LOCAL disco company has expressed its “disgust and outrage” after a Nazi flag was put up on stage at a fundraising event in Burra on Saturday.

The Swastika flag was unfurled at the Burra Public Hall in Hamnavoe during the Kaleidoscope Disco/Roka DJs event, which was held to raise money for defibrillators in the community.

The incident featured on the front page of Monday’s Scottish Sun after images were posted on social media.

While the paper reported that the flag was up for a matter of minutes, one attendee told Shetland News that it stayed up for a period of time and that it took a number of requests before it was taken down.

The individual said “people were shocked and couldn’t quite believe it was up, but not many people seemed fussed about taking it down”.

Kaleidoscope Disco took to Facebook on Sunday to distance themselves from the flag, writing: “The committee and members of Kaleidoscope Disco would like to express our disgust and outrage at the display of a Nazi banner at our event in Burra last night.

“Our disco exists to promote charitable causes throughout our islands and will never condone exclusive or divisive attitudes.”

Following a meeting on Monday night, the committee of the Burra Hall said they were “extremely disappointed and shocked by the recent incident that took place during a fundraising event held by a local group raising money for a good cause.”

In a post on the hall’s Facebook page, they added: “The committee have held a meeting discussing the incident and are taking appropriate action.”

Organiser Gary Laurenson said it was “very unfortunate” that the incident took place.

He said it remained unclear who was responsible, with a lot of the stewards in the front door area at the time.

His message to the individual was simple: “We’re not very happy and we don’t wish to have you at our events anymore.”

Laurenson said more fundraising for community defibrillators would take place in Burra on Saturday with a fun run covering distances between one mile and five kilometres.

Shetland Central councillor Mark Burgess, whose ward includes Burra, said he hoped those fundraising won’t be put off by the incident.

“I assume that it was an ill-considered and inappropriate moment of hi-jinx,” he said.

“My sympathies go to those who are fundraising for the community defibrillators, and I’d hope that they wouldn’t be deterred, or have their efforts tarnished, by this bizarre incident.”

A police spokesman said the force “have not received any complaints, however we have been made aware and will be carrying out enquiries”.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police by dialling 101.