Fine for keeping cars without MOT and insurance

A BUILDER who kept unroadworthy cars outside his house in a Brae housing estate while they were uninsured and without MOTs has been fined.

James Griffiths, now of Bishopston, Bristol, will have to pay a total of £600 for the offences after appearing at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Friday.

The 60 year old previously admitted having three cars at Ockragarth in Brae on 23 May with no test certificates or insurance.


Griffiths was also fined £200 and given six penalty points by honorary sheriff Malcolm Bell for driving one of the vehicles in the housing estate on the same day while it was uninsured.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said the 60 year old kept two “eyesore” vehicles outside his house, causing some annoyance among his neighbours.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said his client, who entered the dock from custody after failing to attend a previous court hearing, moved from Shetland to Bristol in 2015 and attempted to sell some of his vehicles after going south.

However, it was all a “bit of a shambles”, Allan admitted, with Griffiths in some instances failing to inform the DVLA about change of ownership.