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MSP presses Vodafone over signal troubles

VODAFONE has pledged that it will find a long term solution to the technical problems that have blighted the mobile signal for people living in and around Brae in recent months.

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott said he had spoken to the company’s senior government affairs manager Graham Dunn about the problem, which has been repeatedly occurring since the end of May.

“I today pressed Vodafone to fix the mobile signal problems that have blighted the service in the Delting area over recent weeks,” Scott said.

“I have had numerous messages on social media but only when people could access their own wi-fi. That in itself indicates the problems that Shetland customers have had.

“Vodafone assured me that they are fixing the engineering problems for the long term. I said another temporary solution was not acceptable. If this was city centre London it would be solved in minutes. Customers in Shetland have been paying for a sub-standard service so we expected a permanent solution.”

The MSP said he had invited Vodafone to the next Shetland Digital Forum meeting, which is due to take place in late August.

“It would be important for the company to set out their investment plans and how they are going to meet the challenge of EE’s commitment to 4G coverage across Shetland,” Scott continued.

“One of the issues they have highlighted is the need for fibre cable connections to their mobile phone masts. These connections are to be provided by BT Openreach. How quickly will BT service Vodafone when they now own EE Is a question the industry is asking.

“Instead of turf wars between the companies, people across Shetland want to see better, reliable mobile phone coverage. 3G or 4G would be excellent but for some areas just getting a mobile phone signal would be a step forward.”

Vodafone has not responded to a request from Shetland News its response.