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Unpaid work for aggression

A MAN from Lerwick has been given 300 hours of unpaid work after being sentenced for violently struggling with police constables and making threats of violence.

Craig Slater, of 31 Hoofields, previously admitted a number of offences that took place in Lerwick on 9 October last year.

Slater damaged a car at North Lochside by kicking the vehicle, before going on to making threats of violence and behaving in an aggressive manner in the same location.

The 33 year old also admitted obstructing three police constables and struggling violently with them, as well as damaging a police van while inside the vehicle as it travelled from Lerwick’s North Road to the police station on Market Street.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said his client’s problems stemmed from alcohol, with Slater also possibly suffering from “anger management” issues.

Sheriff Philip Mann said the offence was “very serious” in nature and added that it was “unusual” to see the prepared social work report “so negative” about someone.

The sheriff, however, agreed to give the man a chance to prove himself given that his record in recent years was minimal.

Slater was given 300 hours of unpaid work to complete and was placed under supervision for one year.