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Instant prints from archive

This image, by J. Peterson from 1938 showing a young girl at the door of E J Yates toy shop is one of the images that can be printed using the museum's new service

SHETLAND Museum and Archives is offering visitors the chance to instantly print photos from its database of historical images.

Public access computers in the first floor galleries let people to pick from a selection of photographs and collect A4 prints at the reception.

The process takes a total of 15 minutes per image, with the range of available photographs picked by “popularity, interest and aesthetics”.

Each print costs £6 and it is hoped that more images will be added to the service if the demand is there.

The public computers also allow users to browse the archive’s document catalogue, view presentations of visitors’ favourite objects and read information on Shetland’s geology.

Museum curator Ian Tait said the new service further brings the museum and archives into the digital age.

“The idea behind this ‘virtual viewpoint’ is to give them something more than they can get online – immediate access to printed images or documents and a shared experience of the favourite objects of other visitors,” he said.

“In addition, the geology database, created by the late Professor Derek Flinn, has not previously been publicly available and we’re delighted that we can expand on the gallery displays for our islands formation, suggesting the best ways to get out and see this.”