Letters / Truly monstrous

Plans are well under way to surround Loch Ness with between 500 and 600 wind turbines.

This makes Prince Charles’ description of a proposed glass extension to St Paul’s Cathedral as “like a monstrous carbuncle, on an old friend”, pale into insignificance and obscurity; this is truly monstrous.

A petition against it has, of course, been raised at the Scottish Parliament. Here’s the background information:


“Do you think that Loch Ness and the Great Glen are sites of international importance and are icons of the highlands and of Scotland?

“Loch Ness is the second most popular tourist draw in Scotland. Do visitors and locals want to visit the area to see wind turbines?

“Do you think that the existing planning system is capable of protecting the world’s most beautiful landscapes, such as Loch Ness and the Great Glen, given the prospect of 500 wind turbines within a 22 mile radius and more to follow?


“The Stronelairg development near Loch Ness, according to SNH, will cause enormous environmental damage. Do you think that sensitive upland and wild land areas in the Scottish Highlands are being adequately conserved using the current planning system?”

And the actual petition (PE01564: Save Loch Ness and the Great Glen): “Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to take steps to designate the Loch Ness and Great Glen as a National Scenic Area; to recommend a priority application is made to UNESCO for the area to be afforded World Heritage protection; and to take appropriate steps to discourage further wind turbine developments and support the restoration of sites damaged by wind turbines.”


I hope that opponents of the Viking Energy project will see fit to show solidarity with the good people who live around Loch Ness, one of Scotland’s iconic places.

John Tulloch