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Pilot whale has left Weisdale Voe

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THE LARGE pilot whale that had been threatening to beach itself in Shetland’s Weisdale Voe appears to have headed out to the open sea.

Wildlife volunteers spent the early hours of Saturday morning scouring the voe for the 20 foot long whale that was first seen on Thursday around lunchtime swimming in shallow water in a state of distress.

Jan Bevington, of Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary, said: “Myself and Steve and Sharon Jack from Aith last saw the whale on Friday afternoon, but local people said they saw it that evening.

“So we all went back this morning and had a good look the length and breadth of the voe, but could see no sign of the whale.

“There was clearly something wrong for it to be there in the first place and we were concerned when it nearly stranded two or three times on Thursday.

“So we feel a huge relief with the thought that it got away on the big tides yesterday and can only hope that it fares well in the wild despite its injuries and being on its own.

“But if there are any sightings we hope that people will let us know.”

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