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Letters / Fish or bombs?

When the UK was negotiating entry into the Common Market (now the EU), Scotland’s fishing grounds were used as a bargaining tool with no consideration given to the fishermen.

They were expendable, mainly in Scotland, and had no electoral clout to influence a government 600 miles away.

The end result is the country which landed 87 per cent of the total value of UK key stocks in 2012, which is a massive 37 per cent TAC (Total Allowable Catch) in the entire European Union still had no voice in Europe.

We had to rely on the London government.

So why did we only receive 41 per cent of the European Fisheries Fund when we have a far higher share of the UK fishery?

This applies to both wild caught and aquaculture as Scotland is the third largest producer of salmon in the world.

Shetland punches above it’s weight in both sectors so if you are a fisherman considering a No vote you are voting for most of the money due to you from the EU being spent by Westminster south of the border.

Which will go towards the £130 billion Trident replacement.

For your bairns and grand bairns, what’s it to be? Fish or bombs?

Because a Yes vote for independence is a vote to change Scotland forever and not a vote for any temporary political leader nor party. They’ll all be long buried when your grandchildren go to the fishing.

Douglas Young
Yes Shetland