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Flooded house

Huge waves rolled onto Shetland's east coast as the weather eased on Saturday afternoon. This photo was taken by Douglas Young at the Point of Layward, Grutness.

FIREFIGHTERS were called out to a house in Sandwick on Saturday afternoon after a house at Stove was flooded, not by sea water but following a problems with the mains supply.

The Sea Road at Sound – Video: Kate Wills

They used a pump, shovels and brushes to clear the water from the property.

Environment agency SEPA are maintaining their flood warning over the weekend as winds continue from the south east, bringing rain during the night.

Meanwhile Shetland coastguard briefly launched the Aith lifeboat to assist the local police in a search for a missing female at around 8.10pm, but stood her down within 20 minutes after the person was found.