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Floatel moved

The Kalmar arriving at Holmsgarth 4 - Photo: Mark Berry

LERWICK Port Authority has moved the large accommodation barge Kalmar to a more sheltered berth within the harbour.

On Friday, the SIC tug Tystie and the port’s pilot boat Kebister towed the floatel from the Albert Wharf to Holmsgarth berth 4.

A spokeswoman for the port said the move had become necessary because the barge had been moving considerably in the strong southerly winds.

“This is causing stress to the mooring system and therefore the decision has been taken to transfer the floatel.”

The new berth was not available when the floatel arrived at Lerwick in June as the large modules for the Shetland Gas Plant were transferred through Holmsgarth at the time.

Meanwhile, a fourth accommodation barge Bibby Bergen is in Norway awaiting suitable weather for the tow across the North Sea.


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