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More men than women

Up Helly Aa - one Shetland tradition where there are definitely more men than women

SHETLAND is the only place in Scotland to have more men than women, according to the latest population figures.

According to estimates from the Office for National Statistics, Shetland’s population fell by 30 between mid 2011 and mid 2012 from 23,240 to 23,210.

The figures could be open to question as the March 2011 census showed Shetland to have a population of 23,159, which is 81 fewer than the estimate for 30 June that year.

According to the estimates there were more than 330 more males than females during the year until mid 2012, making Shetland the only place in the country where the gender balance tips in that direction.

During that time there were 254 births and 212 deaths, and a net loss of 67 people migrating out of Shetland.

An estimated 666 people moved into the isles, while 733 moved out.

The headline figure from the ONS is that last year Scotland had its highest ever population since records began of 5,313,600.

The figures can be accessed here

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021