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Letters / Gambling our money on the Grand National

With all the heated arguments and individual points of view being challenged regarding the expectations of Viking Energy, some clear evidence needs to be presented to the populous as to just how efficient/inefficient large scale wind power is: to this end, I’ve attached a link to the National Grid’s real time outturn, plus historical data and predicted data.

Near the bottom of the graphical data displays, wind power is presented is a percentage of the national generation together with all the current installed capacity. National Grid have an obligation to take wind power before any other generation but of course, the unreliability of wind means that fossil fuel generators have to run at inefficient reduced loads to provide spinning reserve for when the wind patterns change.

I personally find it difficult to agree that large scale wind power is efficient and without the huge subsidies that wind power enjoys, it would make no financial sense to invest in large scale wind power.

It seems to me that the if the SCT award a further £6m to Viking Energy, they will be doing nothing more than gambling our money on the Grand National at a time when services are being wound down and spending cuts applied.

Please bear this in mind when you vote in the local elections as you may regret voting for the wrong people!

The website can be found at  http://www.bmreports.com/bsp/bsp_home.htm

Harry Hatton MIET