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Labour condemns council cuts

SHETLAND Labour Party, in a rare public statement, has condemned the local authority for the way councillors have gone about making massive cuts to public services.

The local branch of the party predicts that should the majority of the cuts agreed last month be applied, Shetland’s economy could be pushed in recession.

A spokesman said: “The ad hoc, ill-thought out manner of addressing serious issues to various communities highlighted the real lack of political leadership within the SIC – that truly was a meeting of the dying embers of the administration.”

He added that a recent meeting of the local party had highlighted concerns over the lack of analysis and research conducted by the SIC on the potential impacts of cuts on the community.

“That the key proposals focus on children and the elderly, the most vulnerable in society, is a very grave concern of the party.

“The parallels between the Westminster government and the SIC are there for all to see. 

“A raft of unpopular cuts at the wrong time, affecting the wrong services could damage the Shetland economy to a dangerous level,” he said.

He added that the local Labour Party acknowledged that difficult decisions were necessary but urged the new administration (after the May election) to thoroughly assess the situation and re-visit proposals put forward by current councillors.

“Not enough time has been dedicated to understanding the current climate and the party will be eager to engage with new councillors on their position and what it means for Shetland,” he said.