Teenager banned from driving

A NINETEEN year old Shetland man was banned from driving when he appeared from custody at Lerwick Sheriff Court, on Monday morning.

Michael Goodlad, of 40 Hoofields, Lerwick pled guilty of being almost three times the legal limit when arrested by police in the town’s Grodians area in the early hours of Saturday.


Sentence on Goodlad was deferred until 14 December when he has also other matters calling at the court. He was disqualified in the interim.

Meanwhile, police said over the weekend they had also arrested an 81 year old in North Roe and a 21 year old in Whalsay in relation to alleged drink driving offences.

Chief inspector Angus MacInnes said they would continue to target those still willing to risk their own and the lives of others by drink or drug driving. 

The area commander said: “It is disappointing that some drivers are continuing to ignore the law and are prepared to risk their own safety and that of other road users.

“The consequences of drink driving can be devastating in many ways. If people choose to drink and drive, it could lead to a court conviction, a criminal record, loss of their licence and fines.

“Drivers are also reminded should they get caught drink or drug driving for a second time, then the court may seize their vehicle and it will either be sold or destroyed.

“The ultimate penalty is of course the potential loss of life on our roads as a result of drink driving.”