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Letters / Why not reliant on the public purse?

I strongly feel that if we are to see our shared heritage as some kind of burden on the public purse, that should rather ‘wash its face’ or rely on private investment and voluntary action for survival then it is a sad state of affairs.

We should see our rich natural and cultural heritage as something entirely worthy of significant public investment, both for the educational and recreational benefits it brings to our community, and the significant economic returns it affords us through tourism.

We cannot say that providing adequate public funding to the Shetland Amenity Trust would be to the detriment of other vital public services, given we have a significant source of public funds that other local authorities can only dream of.

While Sandy and her colleagues are kept fully occupied trying to wangle a few bob (Trust committed to UNESCO Global Geopark status, Shetland News, 27 July 2022), they can have no time to deliver benefit on the ground.

There have been several geological events delivered in Shetland over the past twelve months, including guided tours, field trips, a geology course and family focussed activities. Sadly, none of them were delivered by the Shetland Geopark.

Robina Barton

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