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Brian Nugent

Brian Nugent is 68, is married with three children in their 20s, the family have lived in Hamnavoe, Burra for nearly 30 years, a retired Further Education lecturer, a former trades union secretary for the EIS FELA at Shetland College, so used to representing people, a bank (relief) porter at Gilbert Bain Hospital, a Monday volunteer at Shetland Foodbank, a passkeeper at St Margarets, Lerwick, a supporter of Albion Rovers Football Club and the club historian.

The online public launch of Restore Scotland was held on Wednesday, 17 March 2021. There is a video of the launch on website. On May 6 in the Scottish Parliament elections, Brian Nugent stands for Restore Scotland in the Shetland constituency, and is also the lead candidate for Restore Scotland in the Highlands and Islands regional list.

I joined the SNP in 1974 when they believed in independence. When they adopted the Independence in Europe slogan, they lost their way. The more I hear SNP spokespersons talking about the next independence referendum being about getting back into the EU, the more I know that the time is right for a double out party.

I joined Restore Scotland in 2021 because I still believe in independence. I want Scotland to join the World, double out, meaning get out of the UK, and as we are out of the EU, let us keep it that way! Restore Scotland are looking to represent these positions because the current Holyrood parliament does not.

One million plus voters in Scotland voted to leave the EU and need representation. One third of SNP voters voted to leave the EU and need representation. That is where Restore Scotland comes in.

You can either be independent or you can be in the EU, but you cannot be both.

A vote for Restore Scotland is a vote for a referendum on Independence. Let the voters in Scotland decide Scotland’s future! We want a government in Scotland elected by and answerable only to voters in Scotland.

For the avoidance of doubt, a vote for Restore Scotland is NOT a vote to return to the European Union. You can find out more at

While Restore Scotland is mainly a double out party we are building up policy in other areas. We want to support the liberty of the individual, the Hate Crime Bill should be repealed. The value and the autonomy of the family, why interfere in family life with intrusive legislation such as the Named Person, since dropped due to a major campaign against. The sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death. The health and wellbeing of the people of Scotland, we should be looking at prevention programmes as well as cure.

A Covid recovery plan should see government support continued for a period, give businesses and those on Universal Credit a hand for a period.

Ultimately, Restore Scotland’s aim is to be a government in Scotland, elected by and answerable only to voters in Scotland.

Contact Information
Telephone: 01595 859475
Twitter: @BrianNugentRS


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