Letters / Lib Dem predictions

A comical clip of Alistair Carmichael debating with Nicola Sturgeon during the Scottish Independence Referendum, is doing the rounds again on Facebook. In it he accuses her of “scaremongering” when she predicted that Boris Johnson would be prime minister and that the UK would vote to leave the EU.

It is very clear that the LibDems are useless at being oracles.


Amazingly, they were unable to predict how damaging it would be to partner with the Tories and break their promise on tuition fees.
At the latest General Election, Jo Swinson, did not, as she predicted, become prime minister.

The LibDems did not stop Brexit.

What does the LibDem party stand for these days? They don’t seem to have any polices that they are willing to talk about. They’ve only had one message on their leaflets since 2014 – “stop the SNP”.

Stop the SNP doing what exactly? Giving free prescriptions? Baby boxes? Free university tuition? Free personal care for the elderly? Mitigating against the bedroom tax? Or what?

Or is it just letting the Scottish people have a democratic choice on their future that the LibDems want to stop?

It’s not exactly very liberal to fight against democracy and it’s particularly hypocritical of them when they advocated a second referendum on Brexit.

The momentum is on the side of independence, and I predict the LibDems will fail to stop it like everything else they say they’ll do.

Iain Malcolmson
South Nesting