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Arts / New EP and UK tour as local rockers ‘grab opportunity with both hands’

Forgotten Sons - left to right: John Valentine, Birdy Burgess, John Gair, Sandy Middleton.

LOCAL rock band Forgotten Sons have released their latest EP today (Friday) ahead of their first UK tour.

The quartet say they are “grabbing the opportunity with both hands” after signing a deal with New York based Manic Kat Records.

The group’s third EP Angst and Apathy features four songs which were recorded in London, as well as an acoustic version of previous effort Blackened Heart.

Forgotten Sons – vocalist Birdy Burgess, drummer John Gair, guitarist Sandy Middleton and bassist John Cassidy – cite the likes of American rock outfits The Gaslight Anthem and Alkaline Trio as inspirations.

Their latest EP can be bought or streamed online, while a CD version is also available.

“This is another rock EP, just like the last two,” Burgess explains.

“There are a lot of similarities between the three EPs. We haven’t changed the way we have written our songs. The difference with this one, however, is that it has been recorded in London and to a very good quality and high standard. Everything is a lot clearer and you can hear every instrument better.”

The group’s output feels more mature this time around, with opener Tiden Leger Alle Sar – translated from Norwegian into Time Heals All Wounds – providing a reflective, piano-led intro.

“Another way that is different is that we recorded these tracks with a producer,” Burgess added.

“It was quite refreshing having an outsider come in and say what was great and what needed tweaked. All in all, we are very proud of the outcome.”

In January Forgotten Sons announced they had inked a deal with New York label Manic Kat Records after previously distributing music through Animal Farm in London.

It has spurred the four-piece into going on a UK tour in the coming weeks in support of the EP, with dates lined up cities such as Glasgow, Leeds and London.

Burgess said “life is full of surprises and it was certainly a good surprise when Manic Kat Records got in touch with us”.

“It hasn’t been easy though,” he admitted.

“We now need to focus on touring south a lot which has resulted in us purchasing an old van and kitting it out with beds. But we’re grabbing this opportunity with both hands.

“After all, we’re trying to match the exciting ideas of the labels ambitions. If nothing major comes of it, we’ll always have a story to tell. For now, it’s about making memories, not money.”