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Letters / Put to bed for now

So, the Viking Energy has been put to bed, for now. Thank God the CfD auction is Independent of the Scottish Government and nationalist politicians hell bent on one the green nightmare of powerhouse Scotland.

Just how this divisive and nasty project has divided our community! How a few seeking subsidies, and avaricious councillors and charity trustees have so damaged the Shetland community? Ten million pounds of trust funds squandered, over £100,000 on PR propaganda alone.

A community bitterly divided and already the Kames ravaged by contractors desecrating peat and disturbing the rarest of breeding birds with heavy machinery and low flying helicopters. Now let us see who out of the “usual suspects” has the balls to apologies?

Will we get an apology or just more of the petulant bombast? It will be interesting to see.

Ian Tinkler,