CAB - 7 Oct 2020 - 10 Oct 2020 - Advice

Marine / Coelleira continues to defy salvage

The new ETV Ievoli Black - Photo: MCAThe Ievoli Black has been attempting to refloat the grounded Coelleira.

COASTGUARD crew attempting to refloat the grounded fishing boat Coelleira are said to be “re-assessing the situation” following another failed attempt to tow the vessel off the Vee Skerries this morning (Thursday).

A coastguard spokeswoman said that the latest attempt by the emergency towing vessel Ievoli Black during the flood tide in the early hours of this morning had been unsuccessful.

She said that the salvors were now looking at the options again and that some of the catch the vessel was heading south to land may have been removed.

The spokeswoman said she believed the vessel would have hauled its gear before returning to port.

The 15-strong crew of the 30m long Coelleira were winched off their ship on the early hours of Sunday after she grounded on The Clubb, the westernmost of the Vee Skerries. There were no injuries.