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Election letters 2019 / Bizarre on all accounts

I have great respect for Peter Tait in regard of his involvement and development in mussel farming, which is probably the only truly sustainable aquaculture activity, but I am utterly horrified at the suggestion of bringing back a monarchy to Scotland (Candidate wants to return the monarchy to Scotland; SN, 29 July 2019)

I have no time for the debate about the Catholic – v – Protestant balance in society, as it’s both prejudiced and irrelevant in a civilised society outside the effected and socially poisoned areas in Northern Ireland and bits of Glasgow.

The hatred and violence conducted under these banners is hard to understand by folk not subject to the prejudice that two factions of the very same religion use to justify their medieval Dark Age practices towards each other. This is the sort of thing that should be stamped out, not encouraged.

A monarchy irrespective of the religious faction they profess is the head of a small aristocratic wealthy ruling elite that have down through history, stolen and murdered for their gain, unfairly and corruptly taken a massive and disproportionate slice of the cake, whilst stamping on ordinary folk to maintain their power, control and wealth plus all the other privileged aspects of their inbred greedy lives.

The Royal family in England are some of the wealthiest people in the world whilst taking huge state benefits to pay for their palaces, fine houses and all the trappings whilst ordinary folk struggle to get by, have go to food banks and live under constant stress.

The small number of privileged ruling elite the monarchy are head of, are responsible for the degenerate political state this country is in are totally responsible for the destruction and misery austerity measures have caused and widening gap between the wealthy and the less well off.

Peter Tait would have a much better chance of votes if he stood on a platform calling for the total abolition of the monarchy, close the House of Lords and chuck out all the Lordship scroungers; and then call for a complete review of the political system in this country to bring governance back into a fairer and more respectable democratic system.

I also question the sanity of anyone standing in a by-election with no interest in local issues; very bizarre on all counts!

Vic Thomas