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Letters / What are we doing to our horses and our planet?

I am very allergic to a lot of chemical products which are now commonly used on equines e.g. silicone spray, and at the moment I am very ill from the misuse of one of them.

This had made me think about our poor equine friends whom we subject to such unnatural practises which they would never experience in their natural state running wild.

They are much more sensitive than us, especially their skin which is as sensitive as a baby and their sense of smell is so much stronger than ours. With all our potions and lotions what are we subjecting them to? What an insult to them!

What is wrong with regular old-fashioned grooming and not submitting them to these unnecessary chemicals? I also think there is nothing better than salt water and cold water hosing to help clean minor wounds.

I personally do not wear perfume, hair spray or make-up and am totally natural for my own welfare and the welfare of my horses.

Then let’s take it a bit further; what about our planet with all the plastic containers and chemicals we’re dumping out there?

How stupid we are, if we would only listen to our horse friends the world would be a much better and cleaner place. We are just ruining it for ourselves as well as them – the most magnificent majestic beings ever.

Susie Nicolson