Features / Photos: The most northerly postie in the UK

Royal Mail postwoman Michelle McCulloch serves the UK’s most northerly postal route.

ROYAL Mail has embarked on a national campaign promoting its services by featuring the country’s most northerly postwoman Michelle McCulloch as she delivers the mail between Baltasound and Norwick, on Unst.

Described as the most northerly postal route in the UK, the mail arrives at the Baltasound post office via two ferry rides before McCulloch starts her delivery round “by both van and foot”.

Having been the postie for the community for over fifteen years, McCulloch said: “I feel very lucky to serve such a beautiful and interesting route, and it’s fantastic to be such a central part of the community as part of my job.”

Michelle meets Euan Jamieson with post from the mainland at Belmont Ferry Terminal, Unst.