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Full-sugar Irn Bru cans add fizz to MRI fundraising appeal

A LERWICK shop has come up with a novel way of raising money for the Shetland MRI scanner appeal – auctioning off old cans of Irn Bru with its sought-after original recipe.

The makers of the fizzy drink changed its recipe at the start of the year to cut sugar levels, but many consumers said it did not taste as good – prompting a petition against the move.

Bolts Minimarket decided to keep a case of the ‘old’ Irn Bru, but its owners have now put it up for auction on Facebook to raise money for a £2 million MRI scanner for Shetland.

“A few months ago we stashed away a case of old recipe Irn Bru cans,” the shop said.

“We want to auction it off and the proceeds go to the MRI scanner appeal.”

By Friday afternoon the Facebook auction, which is due to run to 14 December, had reached £200.