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Letters / How would that help?

On Wednesday the Shetland News website carried a report on how the councillor candidates felt about the Shetland Charitable Trust’s recent decision on future governance (Candidates oppose SCT’s new governance; SN, 26/04/17).

In particular reported on councillor candidates’ responses to the question, “Are you content with the recently-approved new governance structure for Shetland Charitable Trust, and do you believe councillor-trustees still have a role to play?”

The answer given by Mark Burgess, councillor candidate for the Shetland Central ward, was confusing.

His answer contained the assertion that, “. . . all decisions that impact on either organisation are excluded in either forum . . .”, which either suggests that neither SIC nor SCT can take any decisions that impact on any aspect of their operations, or else it is floccinaucinihilipilification.

Mr Burgess went on to say that, “Better use of separate entities such as the Shetland Partnership could bring the organisations to work together in partnership, without conflict.”

Given that both SIC and SCT are partners in the Shetland Partnership, which has no legal standing, and has shown recent indications of internal stress, how on earth would that help?

Les Sinclair