Letters / In favour of SCT elections

Over many months I have quietly been reading and listening to the debate concerning the governance of the Shetland Charitable Trust, and as a person orientated to fairness and meaningful democracy I now feel compelled to comment.

I could not disagree more with Councillor Wills’ suggestion to convert the trust’s governance over to an SIC committee.


Isn’t it strange how people with high social and political ethics when young change their beliefs and actions the more they are ensnared in the corridors of power, even in the tiny realm of local politics?

Jonathan’s change over the years from a decent attitude on democracy has given way to that of an elected dictatorship.

When I vote for my local councillor to represent my views on the SIC, I do so based on my need to have someone representing my local community first and foremost. The wider Shetland aspect is important but just slightly less than that of my local community, where grass roots democracy starts.


I have never, nor will I ever, permit my vote to automatically go to another task for my chosen candidate such as a member of the charitable trust.

This is a totally different body with specific aims and objectives. This needs people elected for this purpose alone and whilst I have no objection to one or two SIC councillors being put forward for election to represent the SIC on the trust, it is for the community to choose and not Jonathan’s cabal.


Whilst I’m on this subject, I would like to add that having lived in Sandwick for 30 years, the Westside for nine years and now in Nesting, I am generally disappointed in the performance of rural elected members who mostly enthuse the SIC’s ever increasing drive of moving everything closer to Lerwick at the detriment of rural Shetland.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue as it is rural Shetland that feeds us not Lerwick.

There isn’t enough room to move us all to Whiteness, Weisdale, Tingwall, Scalloway or Gulberwick, areas starting to look cramped, overcrowded and are a planning and development disgrace.

We need rural elected members to fight the Lerwick centralising madness, we need rural members to support their communities even if it goes against some one size fits all mentality. We need rural councillors who will fight to decentralise and decant business and services out to rural areas to support their sustainability.

Last but not least we need a load of new candidates old or young who have not had their social or democratic ethics or behaviour compromised by being a few years in the corridors of power be it Westminster, Holyrood or the Lerwick town hall.

Vic Thomas
South Nesting